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In this November 2015 issue:

1. INTRO: "Leave The Cold Behind"
3. ARTICLE: "St. Barths Is Calling"
4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Book Cheap Tickets Online At CheapoAir
5. NEWS ITEM: "Sunseeker 53 Portofino Added To SeaSXM Fleet"
6. TRAVEL TIP: Discover What The Airlines Never Tell You
7. AGENDA: "Victoria's Secret Photoshoot In St. Barths"
8. ADVERTISEMENT: Book Our Private Jet Charter Flights
9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

INTRO: "Leave The Cold Behind"

Dear reader,

The other day a client called me from Canada. He lives on the west coast. He told me that the residents of his town plant palm trees in their yards to help them believe they are living in a Caribbean tropical area. The coastal sea area helps keep the winter cold at bay for as long as possible. But when the winter cold sets in, some have no choice but to leave the cold behind and actually head down south to warmer climates.

One such warmer climate destination is St. Maarten, which is a major gateway and hub in the Northeastern Caribbean region and provides direct access to the surrounding islands. Below you will see a photograph taken by Philippe Castagna featuring an aerial shot of Orient Bay beach and Pinel Island.

Aerial Photo Pinel Island by Philippe Castagna

The island of St. Maarten/St. Martin has two major airports. SXM Airport on the Dutch side of the island called Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) and L'Esperance Airport (SFG), a regional airport on the French side of the island in the Grand Case area. These two airports are 45 minutes driving from each other. Notably is that these two airports offer access to the final destination most Northamericans are heading for, especially this time of the year: St. Barths.

So my advice to all Canadians and Americans is, leave the cold behind and head south. Head south to the Caribbean and make St. Maarten your transit stop because I don't mind at all that St. Barths is your final stop. Not at all. I am here to help you make your transit through St. Maarten to St. Barths as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

It is the season when getting to St. Barths can be very challenging. To solve that challenge, luckily we have an online resource: "10 Practical Resources To Help Travellers Get To St. Barths". New is number 11, the option of a Speed Boat charter. Visit for more information about our speed boat charters to St. Barths and Anguilla. A brand new 53ft Sunseeker Portofino luxury speedboat has been added to the fleet. Read more about this below in the News Item section.

In the meantime, you can also read more about our eBook, our Shared Charters, our VIP Services, our Helicopter Service and our Private Jet service on our website over at

Happy Readings!

Terrance Rey

PS: If you are a travel agent, a concierge services provider or a private jet operator and if you need assistance for your clients transitting through St. Maarten's SXM Airport, you can contact me by emailing


In case you are reading about AirStMaarten's private charters program for the first time, here is some background information on our shared charters.

A Shared Charter is when you book a Private Charter and you Only Pay for the Seat You Occupy. Not for the whole aircraft. AirStMaarten has been successfully organizing shared charters to St. Barths since November 2006.

Travel Agents and clients book our shared charters for seamless connections and hassle-free transfers to St. Barths and surrounding islands such as Anguilla, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Eustatius, Antigua and Tortola.

1) If 1 or 2 people request to share a private charter, the shared charter is scheduled.
2) Once 3 or 4 people book the shared charter, the shared charter is confirmed and you are good to go!

If the shared charter is not confirmed, passengers are booked on a regular commercial flight with complimentary VIP Services to ensure their transit is smooth and hassle-free.

Visit for more information, scheduling and availabilities.

Adformercial: offers you the opportunity to book your island tours in advance to your arrival on St. Maarten, whether for the day by cruise ship, or during your vacation stay on the island. We have a wide range of island tours to choose from, including air tours, city tours, beach tours, mountain tours, historical tours, shopping tours, restaurant & bar tours, all day tours, jeep safari tours and our various popular water sports activities. Visit St. Maarten Tours, Trips, Transfers, Excursions and Taxi Services! Click here!



Email our Sales Department at for information about our attractive pre-season travel agency discounts for private and shared charters and VIP services to St. Barths. We are offering significant agency discounts on charters booked for travel during the 2015-2016 winter season. Contact our Sales Department for more information on our agency discount rates.

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3. ARTICLE: "St. Barths Is Calling"

Terrance Rey avatar "St. Barths Is Calling"

Findings of a Roaming Internet Surfer, Terrance Rey

Surfing the internet for pictures and topics relating to St. Barths, sometimes you come across photo's that touches you to your core and you feel the calling it exudes on your psyche and you feel the need to respond to that calling.

One such photo was found on Instagram, published by darakaye here and which I republish here for the viewing pleasure of my readers.


Terrance Rey is owner and managing director of Let's Travel, Travel Anywhere and AirStMaarten. Terrance Rey has 15 years experience in the travel business as a travel agent, tour operator, charter broker and as an internet travel entrepreneur. You can email Terrance Rey directly via with any questions you may have relating to your international travel needs.


AirSXM Shared Charters to St. Barths

Visit and for more information.

4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Book Cheap Tickets Online At CheapoAir

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5. NEWS ITEM: "Sunseeker Portofino 53 Added To SeaSXM Fleet"


In time for the 2015-2016 high season, a Suneeker 53 Portofino has been added to the SeaSXM fleet. Here two videos below featuring this new boat addition to the fleet.

The Portofino 53 is powered by twin Volvo D12 16 715hp diesel shaftdrives, spinning FP props in tunnels. These quiet-running and fuel-efficient engines propel this more than 20,000kg boat (at full load) effortlessly along at a comfortable cruise speed of 24 knots and top-out at 32.1 knots pulling 2300rpm. Maximum speed with half load is quoted at 34 knots.

Pushing the electronic throttles fully forward evokes an instant response from the engines and steadily lifts the hull out of the hole. Then the turbochargers kick in to add that push you back in your seat acceleration. Knock the revs back to around 1650rpm and she'll cruise at a comfortable 18 knots allowing her 2000lt fuel load to achieve a cruising range of around 300 nautical miles.

Like all Sunseekers, this cruiser displays runabout-like handling from a hull with an overall length 55' 9". The silky-smooth feel of her helm is a testament to the precise tolerances these vessels are constructed to. Turn the steering wheel a few centimetres and you can see the bow moving a few centimetres in that direction. Now that's what we call direct steering.

Then, because the props are situated in tunnels, they maintain a clean bite on the water, so even during hard turns the hull displays no tendency to tail slip and throws the boat around like a ski boat, albeit one with a larger turning circle.

Being a twin-screw boat she's quite capable of spinning within her own length with one engine in forward and the other in reverse, so manoeuvring around the marina is simple, with a bit of practice, that is. But the addition of the standard bow thruster is going to aid all skippers enormously when berthing.

The Portofino 53 also features Sunseeker's extremely aggressive chine design. She carries her wide, down-turned chines well forward, which, even before you employ the trim tabs, controls lateral stability (at rest and underway) and throws water and spray down and away form the hull for a dry ride. Her 20,000kg displacement also aids the ride, because the sharp bow slices through swells cleanly without banging.

The sleeping arrangements on the 53 allow eight people to overnight (if the optional convertible lounge is fitted) in luxurious comfort. The forward owner's stateroom features its own en-suite, while the two guest cabins share the day head.

While both bathrooms are quite spacious and fully featured, larger owners and guests may find it's a bit squeezy when standing in the Perspex shower enclosure.

There are twin bunks in the starboard cabin, while the slightly larger port stateroom features a six foot-plus ceiling and a full-sized double bed. All the staterooms feature cedar-lined wardrobes, so your clothes will always smell fresh and moths will never be a problem.

With a price tag of $1.95m, the Portofino 53 represents excellent value for money, because that cost includes everything: full electronics, genset, reverse-cycle air-conditioning, even a multi-purpose Expresso coffee maker, washing machine and 2 at-screen televisions in all cabins and the saloon.

Her ride and handle are one of the best in her class and the workmanship used during her construction is obvious wherever you look.

With a sleeping capacity of up to eight adults, this boat has everything to please anyone in the market for a bloody big 53-footer.

According to the team at Sunseeker, the Portofino 53 is a luxurious sports cruiser that combines wide cruising potential with impressive top speeds.

Available in open, or covered cockpit versions, with a choice of both engine and shaftdrive options, she is exceptional manoeuvrable, highly efficient and economical to run.

Her large open cockpit is complimented by a spacious aft sun pad, a garage for the tender and there is also a comfortable interior with a wide range of fi tting options.

The Sunseeker Portofino 53 was powered by twin Volvo D12 16 715hp diesel shaftdrives, spinning FP props in tunnels. Two CAT C12 16 710hp diesel engines are optional.

For more information and bookings, go to

6. TRAVEL TIP: Discover What The Airlines Never Tell You

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7. AGENDA: "Victoria's Secret Photoshoot In St. Barths"

Victoria's Secret Photoshoot In St. Barths - Dec 2015

The cat's out of the bag! Victoria's Secret is holding their photoshoot for the 2016 Swimsuit edition in St. Barths this December 2015.

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9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

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If you have requested additional services such as VIP Transfer Services, we will send you a Final Confirmation containing all details of your travel itinerary and services booked. And that's how you book with AirStMaarten.

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