Four Ways By Air To St. Barths

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There are 4 ways to get to St. Barths from St. Maarten.

Option 1 - By Commercial Flight
Option 2 - By Shared Charter
Option 3 - By Private Charter
Option 4 - With VIP Services

Option 1: Commercial Flights

We can book you on a commercial flight to St. Barths.

The cost is about $350 US dollars per person roundtrip. $200 per person one-way. This includes taxes and fees. To be able to book the right flight times for you, we need the arrival and departure times of your airline to and from St. Maarten. You can also add Meet and Greet service to this option. See Option 4.

Our preferred partner airline for commercial flights to and from St. Barths is WinAir. We prefer to work with Winair as we can then guarantee a hassle-free transit for both you and your luggage through our joint-cooperation with the Win Air handling agent, especially if you add VIP Transfer Service, Meet & Greet Service, Immigration Clearance and Luggage Transfer for $150 extra to this option. See Option 4.

Besides WinAir you have the option of booking a budget flight with St. Barth Commuter. Their fares starts at $230 per roundtrip ($115 per one-way), but they have a limited schedule. It is very important to know your arrival and departure times of your airline to and from St. Maarten. If you email us that you prefer to fly with St. Barth Commuter, we will give you $20 discount on the
VIP Transfer Service if you book this also. Choose the "Budget Class" when
requesting a flight with St. Barth Commuter.

Option 2: Shared Charters

We can book you on our shared charter flight to St. Barths.

The total cost is about $400 US dollars per person one way. $750 roundtrip per person. Shared Charters is only possible when we have at least 4 or more
passengers booked on the same charter flight(s) at the same flight time(s).
When you choose to share a charter, you will be booked on stand-by until we
have 4 passengers. Only then will the shared charter be confirmed.

In the meantime we will book you on Winair as a back-up to fly commercially (See Option 1). But the advantage of shared charters is that you get the experience of a private charter service at an affordable price. We will do our utmost best to confirm you on a shared charter as soon as possible.
For this option, it works best if you provide us with the arrival and departure times of your airline to and from St. Maarten. For an extra $150, you can add Meet and Greet service to this option. See Option 4.

Option 3: Private Charters

We can book you on a private charter plane for you to fly to St. Barths.

Our regular charterprice starts at $1650 one-way for the whole aircraft; $3300 roundtrip. Plus $85 transit tax per person on the SXM-SBH leg.

Our premium charterprice is $1800 one-way for the whole aircraft; $3600 roundtrip. Plus $85 transit tax person on the SXM-SBH leg.

Our charterprice from Dec. 20th to Jan. 20th 2022 and after 5pm is $2200.

Prices are based on a BN Islander 9-seater twin-engine turboprop aircraft that can accommodate 6-7 passengers + luggage.

A charter may be more expensive, but it can be planned to fit your schedule and it is the most hassle-free form of flying to St. Barths with the guarantee that your luggage will also be on the same plane.

For an additional $525 we can add a second pilot to this private charter.
Usually this is required by clients' insurance companies.
Especially when flying with the whole family.

Option 4: With VIP Service

You can fly commercially (see Option 1); you share a charter (see Option 2);
or we can reserve a private plane for you to fly to St. Barths apon arrival in St. Maarten (see Option 3).

You will be met apon arrival as soon as you deplane and escorted to the lounge where you can stay in comfort and enjoy drinks and snacks. While you wait we will take care of clearing you through immigration and take care of your luggage transfers. When everything is ready, we will shuttle you to the waiting aircraft and fly you to St. Barths. You get this VIP treatment for only $200 US dollars for 1-2 person(s). For access to the VIP Lounge, you pay an additional $25 per person. If you have any extra special wishes, make sure to let us know.

Click here to read about the airport transit procedures.

VIP Pre-Check-In Service in St. Barths for $205 (for 1-2 persons) and $315 (for 3-5 persons)

- Luggage Pick Up at your Villa or Hotel in St. Barths
- Pre-Check In Service (with only your passports)
- Luggage Tagging (our agent collects these for you)
- Boarding Cards Pre-Printing (our agent collects these for you)
- Transfer to the Airport

With this service you can sit and relax at the pool up until 30 minutes
before departure on your return flight while our VIP Services agents take
care of everything for you.

Click here to read more about our VIP Services.

Contact us for more information about our Premium VIP Services.


To be able to ensure that your travel plans proceed smoothly and hassle-free
we will need to know your preferred flying times going and returning. It works best if you provide us with the arrival and departure times of your flight to and from St. Maarten, airline name and flight numbers. Please advise asap. Once we know your choice, we can plan, schedule, make the necessary reservations and arrangements and inform you more in depth and confirm everything to you.

If you wish for us to book you on a shared charter with the proviso that if we do not have a minimum of 4 passengers, we will book you to fly on Winair as an alternative, please fill in the creditcard authorisation form with the required amount you wish to spend. You can download our creditcard authorisation form online here.

Shared charter seats 2x $750 = $1500

If you wish us to book you on WinAir and put you on stand-by for a shared charter, please fill in the creditcard authorisation form with the required amount you wish to spend.

Tickets $350 x2 = $700
Meet & Greet Service $150
Total Amount: US$850

You can download our creditcard authorisation form online here.

By the way, if you don't have an Adobe reader, you can download one free of charge via the following link:

Please fill this in, sign it and fax it back to us via our USA toll-free faxnumber at 1-866-503-0347.
Or scan and email it directly to our office

Once payment is received, we will make all the arrangements and send you the confirmations.


(Vouchers purchased can only be redeemed from November 2022 to April 2023)

AirSXM is giving up 40% discount if you pre-purchase vouchers for the following services:

VIP Services - Normal price $150 per couple - Now on sale for $100 !!!
Shared Charters - Normal price per seat $350 - Now on sale for $250 !!!
Private Charters - Normal price per flight $1650 - Now on sale for $1200 !!!


When you purchase our AirSXM eVouchers, these can only be redeemed for travel booked from November 2022 to April 2023. Our advice is to start planning your 2022-2023 high season travel to St. Barths as soon as possible. This offer is available for a limited time only until June 30th, 2022. Contact for further details and booking information.


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Connection flight information:

Besides the above connection flight information, such as airline name, flight numbers, arrival time and departure time, we will also need the full names of all the passengers, their dates of birth and passport numbers. If you wish to add VIP Services to your reservation, we will also need the issue dates, expiration dates and nationalities of the passengers.

Type of VIP Services to add to the reservation: Regular Assist, Escort and Luggage Transfer (one-way)
Regular Assist, Escort and Luggage Transfer (roundtrip)
Transfer from Airport to Accommodations
Luggage Pick Up from Accommodations
Transfer from Accommodations to Airport
Pre-Check-In Service (outbound flight)
Access to Business Lounge
Premium Meet & Greet at the Jetbridge (inbound flight)

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