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The Cliff Cupecoy Beach

The Cliff Condominium at Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy, St. Maarten - I recently was invited by management to tour The Cliff condominium property at Cupecoy Beach in St. Maarten located on the Dutch side of our Caribbean island. The property is sometimes inadvertently called The Cliffs, but the proper name is The Cliff or The Cliff Cupecoy Beach

With The Cliff condominium property a legacy has been created that is unsurpassed by no other condo vacation rental property in St. Maarten. From the moment I drove up in my red Ford Escape SUV and announced my arrival via the intercom and the gates automatically opened up, I knew this was going to be an unusually pleasant tour. As a St. Maarten vacation rental property, The Cliff is in a class of St. Maarten vacation rentals by itself.

I drove onto the property and circled the driveway in front of the reception area and parked in a spot facing the tennis courts to the left of the property. I was later told that there is also an underground parking area with two levels of parking spaces.

I entered the lobby and asked for Mrs. Gabby Jones, who runs the concierge desk situated in the left-hand corner of the reception area. Gabby is a delightful lady and obviously loves her job at The Cliff as the resident concierge. She introduced me to the rest of the staff. From the smiles they greeted me with, you'd believe I was one of their guests or condo owners.

As I waited for Gabby to take care of one of her clients, I walked around the spacious reception area at my convenience and I found the high-ceilinged lobby to be airy and breezy with lots of greenery and artworks on display.

Outside I found a large veranda overlooking the pool area with a spectacular view of the ocean. There were guests relaxing at the pool and reclining on brown poolside chairs with white cushions while sailing boats lazily pass by on the tranquil blue Caribbean ocean. It was a great day and I wanted to stay.

The property is immaculate and the grounds are well kept and and clean. I believe the head of the maintenance I met - who turned out to be an old acquaintance from my school days - had everything to do with that.

When I hooked back up with Gabby, she took me up to the fourth floor in an elevator that offered the best rising view any lift could offer. I can tell you I was impressed. The Cliff is quite nice and upscale. I was liking what I saw so far.

However, my experience up until that point was nothing compared to the impression that left me breathless I entered the beautiful and well-furnished suite Gabby showed me. The view was spectacular and breathtaking. Gabby told me the view gets even better as we go higher up.

Gabby told me about the different guests that stayed at The Cliff. The property offers facilities for honeymooners and is great for people who are looking for a romantic getaway, families with young children or teenagers and bachelors or bachelorettes celebrating their upcoming weddings with friends.

The suites are individually furnished by their owners. When you see these great residential luxury apartments, you will not want to leave. Gabby told me that they have a lot of return clients. I can definitely see why. The rooms at The Cliff are every person's dream come true.

On the top floor, we entered two luxurious and incredibly chic duplex penthouses with interconnecting suites that can comfortably fit two big families of twenty people each. Forty in total. Wow! This place is huge.

The tour continued on the ground floors. The property includes a well-equipped gym and fitness center with a 25 meter long swimming pool for pulling laps. There are also sauna’s with lighting effects reminiscent of psychedelic disco club nights.

There is also a Christian Dior Spa which is accessible to the general public. I was told by the manager, Isabella Niel, that this was a unique spa in that it was allowed to carry the Christian Dior name as a free standing location, which was an incredible achievement by the founder of The Cliff.

There are no restaurants nor dining facilities at The Cliff - so it can't be officially called a condo resort or condominium resort, but the suites and penthouses offer state-of-the-art facilities for inhouse preparations of breakfasts, lunches and dinners by professional outside caterers. According to Gabby, who lives in the area, there are very good restaurants within walking distances of The Cliff, such as Temptations.

All in all, a very good tour and I was very much impressed with the property. I checked the rates and I think if I work hard selling a couple of charters, I will be able to splurge on a weekend with my girlfriend at The Cliff. I am sure she will love that.

For more information about this fabulous and unique St. Maarten vacation rentals property and many beautiful pictures of this Caribbean condo property, The Cliff, visit their official website at

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