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AirStMaarten Private Charters

AirStMaarten arranges everything from international corporate business jet travel, helicopter transfers to private aircraft charters to the smallest of airports to and from anywhere in the Caribbean. Request a charter here.

AirStMaarten Eurocopter Helicopter

Click here for more details on our 5-seater twin-engine helicopter

BN Islander we use on the St. Maarten - St. Barth route

 Above: BN Islander used on the St. Maarten - St. Barths route
Below: Photo's of the interior of the BN Islander

Forward view interior BN Islander seating and cockpit area

Rearview interior BN Islander cabin seating area

Below: Cessna Caravan 208B used on the San Juan - St. Barths route

Cessna Caravan 208B with interior view

Below: Cessna Grand Caravan exterior & interior shots

Cessna Grand Caravan

Cessna Grand Caravan

 Cessna Grand Caravan interior view of seating

Cessna Grand Caravan interior forward view

Above: interior shots of the Cessna Grand Caravan

Above: Beechcraft 1900 used for group charters (max 19pax)

Super King Air B200 9-seater aircraft

Super King Air B200 turboprop

Super King Air B200 interior

Above: 3 photo's of the famously efficient and fast 9-passengers Super King Air B200 turboprop we use for VIP private charters.

Piper Navajo Panther piston engine aircraft

Above: piston-engine-driven 7-passengers Piper Navajo Panther


Jetstream 32 - 19-seater turboprop

Jetstream 32 - 19 seater turboprop

Jetstream 32 - exterior  Jetstream 32 - interior forward view


Twin Otter

Twin Otter - 19-seater turboprop - great STOL aircraft - perfect for short runways such as those on Saba and St. Barths

Twin Otter - 19-seater turboprop - interior

Above: Twin Otter - 19-seater turboprop STOL aircraft - interior


Hawker 700

Above: The Hawker 700 is a popular choice for many discerning jet travelers. This jet is ideal for a four to five hour journey. The Hawker 700 has a range of 2,250 miles and a cruising speed of 475 miles per hour. With comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers and ample baggage space this jet definitely makes the journey your reward.

Lear 55 jet based in St. Maarten

Above: Very fast 6-seater Learjet 55 we use for private charters throughout the Caribbean from St. Maarten.

AirSXM's newest fleet addition: Cessna 402B


Piper Cherokee available for air flight instruction in St. Maarten

Above: Piper Cherokee used for training flights - OUT OF SERVICE

Piper Cherokee single engine 4-seater aircraft taxing in St. Maarten

Above: getting ready for take-off to St. Barths
Flight continues here>>>

Terrance Rey - Owner and CEO

"Call me today to book your next private charter. I am available 24/7 to take your call via +1-721-523-3564."

Terrance Rey - Owner & CEO of AirStMaarten

Terrance Rey is the award-winning owner and operator of AirStMaarten, Caribbean's first virtual airline based in St. Maarten; organizing and coordinating commercial flights, shared charters and private charters to and from St. Maarten; St. Barths; Anguilla; Antigua; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao; and throughout the rest of the Caribbean. Terrance Rey is also the owner and managing director of Let's Travel, Travel Anywhere, Anykey Services and such e-commerce websites as, and Terrance Rey also serves as President of the Aviation Pioneers of the Caribbean Foundation and has been featured on The History Channel's "Most Extreme Airports" documentary.

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SHTA Award-winning Employer of the Year 2012
SHTA Award-winning Employer of the Year 2010

Commentator History Channel Most Extreme Airports
Commentator for The History Channel's Most Extreme Airport Documentary


Twin Otter available for charters

Twin Otter available for private charters

The Twin Otter is a perfect aircraft for groups of up to 19 passengers. This aircraft will be ready for performing charter flights as of November 15th, 2008. We operate as a virtual airline. Meaning we don't own our own aircrafts. We represent various airlines and aircraft operators with a diversity of planes of different capacities: 7, 9 and 19 seats who operate flights and charters on our behalf, making it possible to provide you with better flexibility for whatever size your group group may be.

Twin Otter aircraft specifications:

Seating Capacity: 19
Location of Exit Row: Row 2
Wingspan: 65'
Fuselage Length: 51' 9"
Cruising Speed: 160 knots
Engines: 2
Pilots: 2

Private Charters VIP Style
Flying you when you want to and where you want to without hassles!!!

It's just smarter to charter !!!

Other aircrafts available for private charters throughout the Caribbean:

Super King Air B200

Super King Air B200 9-seater twin-engine aircraft

Piper Navajo Panther

Piper Navajo Panther 7-seater twin-engine aircraft

Lear 25 jet 

Lear 25 jet

This Lear jet is also available for medevac charter flights.

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