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In this July 2013 issue:

1. INTRO: The Need for a Caribbean-wide Charter Operator
2. SPECIALS: Share A Charter To St. Barths... and Get a FREE CAR
3. ARTICLE: My Bold Plan To Expand AirStMaarten
4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Support Our Work And Book Online At CheapoAir
5. NEWS ITEM: Winair Posts Modest Profit In 2012
6. TRAVEL TIP: Ship Your Luggage Ahead To St. Barths
7. AGENDA: St. Barth Summer Camps 2013 Schedule
8. ADVERTISEMENT: Save Now, Travel Later
9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

INTRO: The Need for a Caribbean-wide Charter Operator

Dear friends and clients,

In 2003 AirStMaarten was established to utilitize available commercial and charter airline capacity to airlift passengers booked through travel agencies, tour operators and hotel resorts.

Presently, here in the Caribbean availability of commercial and charter airline capacity to airlift twenty or more passengers at a time is very limited. The airline operators like LIAT, Inselair and Caribbean Airlines are hardpressed to miss any aircrafts from their scheduled service as their fleet capacity is being utilized to the fullest. Any disruption of the scheduled service leads to immediate operational issues.

With the actual limited capacity available for on-demand non-scheduled charters, AirStMaarten is forced to entertain plans to acquire its own aircrafts in the category of 30, 50 and 70 seater aircrafts. Preferably ATRs, Dash8s or Embraers.

So the first step in this acquisition process is to get an AOC. There are two ways to acquire an AOC. One, by simply applying for it and going through the whole application and approval process. Second, by acquiring an existing airline or charter company that already has an AOC. This is the initial phase of a rather ambitious plan for a small operator that has operated thus far as a virtual airline company.

In this issue, read the bold plans I have for expanding AirStMaarten. 

Happy Readings!

Terrance Rey

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2. SPECIALS: Share A Charter To St. Barths... and Get a FREE CAR

Get a Free Car with AirSXM

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3. ARTICLE: My Bold Plan To Expand AirStMaarten

My Bold Plan To Expand AirStMaarten

by Terrance Rey

Last year, I acquired a travel agency here on St. Maarten called Let's Travel. Last month, I opened a second travel agency and I am looking to acquire a third travel agency this year.

In my quest to utilize travel agencies as feeders for my charter business, I have decided on a bold plan to acquire a chain of travel agencies throughout the Caribbean. In Jamaica alone, there are two large travel agencies chains I know that are for sale. There is another in Barbados, if the price is right. Throughout the rest of the Caribbean there are a number of travel agencies whose owners have reached retirement age but have no one lined up to take over and carry on their business.

With an aggressive acquisition strategy my company can build a travel agency network worth over a $100 million dollars generating over a billion dollars in sales revenues in a market of over 40 million potential customers. We can set up a good structured online bookingsite powered by this travel agency network. A comprehensive bookingportal for the Caribbean is very much needed. The Caribbean travel market is presently very fragmented. With the large volume of bookings the travel agency network can generate and the bookingpower of the website, my company will be in a strong position to negotiate significant commissions from the existing airlines, partner with international airlines and link up with worldwide consolidators to get access to their international fares.

With a dominant controlling position in the Caribbean travel market, the step to acquiring an airline operator or charter operation is a short one. I have an option to buy an existing charter company. I will most likely exercise this option next year. But it is the perfect platform to launch a Caribbean-wide charter jet operation servicing well-paying routes within the Caribbean, to and from the Caribbean.

Such a bold and brave plan will take at least $100 million dollars to acquire and build this network of travel agencies and another couple of hundred million dollars to implement a charter operation under the brand name AirStMaarten with a bookingportal as the heart and nerve center of this Caribbean-wide charter operation.

One can only dream...

Terrance Rey, is the founder and owner of AirStMaarten and is also the owner and CEO of Let's Travel, Let's Cruise and management company, Anykey Services, Inc..


On June 10th, 2013, the Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) opened its marketplace for startup investing and funding. On SSX, investors of any level can buy shares of vetted startup companies, and shares are traded freely — investors can buy or sell anytime and control their own account. For startups and small businesses, SSX is a compelling way to raise funds.

SSX operates via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (
DCSX) in Curaçao. The DCSX is an international exchange for the listing and trading of domestic and international securities, similar to the NYSE or London Exchange. Curaçao is a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and abides to Dutch and European laws.

SSX has received private funding from US and European investors including Greg Kidd, a first round angel investor in both Twitter and Square.

For more info read

4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Support Our Work And Book Online At CheapoAir

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5. NEWS ITEM: Winair Posts Modest Profit In 2012

Simpson Bay, ST. MAARTEN -- WINAIR has posted a modest operational profit in 2012.

Winair's board
In Photo From left to right: Gerrit Draai-Supervisory Board Member, Michael Cleaver-Managing Director/President, Melinda Hoeve-Minutes Recorder, Georges Greaux Jr.-Chairman Supervisory Board, Hans de Jong-Netherlands Shareholder Representative, Michael Ferrier-St.Maarten Shareholder Representative, Roberto Gibbs-Managing Director/VicePresident, Robert Budike-Supervisory Board Member.

This is quite a turn-around from the period before October 2010 when the airline booked accumulated operational losses of USD 16.8 million and accumulated a sizable debt resulting in a USD 9.2 million negative equity position.
Since the company was taken over in October of 2010 from the now defunct Netherlands Antilles by Country Sint Maarten (92.05%) and the Netherlands o.b.o. Saba and Statia (7.95%), the present management board worked diligently in streamlining the operations and implementing cost-cutting measures, while taking advantage of new opportunities.
“The airline is in a much better position today than where it was when we came on board” says Greaux Jr., Chairman of the Supervisory Board and son of the principal founder of the local National Airline.
He hurries to add, that while operationally the airline has made a major turn-around, the debt burden and negative equity position continues to weigh heavily on the company.
The Chairman has concluded the meeting by congratulating the Executive Management team, his fellow Supervisory Board members, the shareholders, and especially the employees for having done a tremendous job in turning the company around.
Observations were made about the company as a whole showing renewed energy and pride by all employees that has created such a positive image in our regional aviation world that people are not only wanting to work for the company, but many are also wanting to do business with it again.

Some highlights in 2012 were:

  • National Flag Carrier status obtained in March signed by the Minister of Transportation.
  • Reinstated Passenger Self Handling in October with a hired staff of 27 on a budget neutral basis.
  • Reinstated Ground Handling Services to 3rd parties with additional or upgraded equipment plus additional 6 staff hired.
  • Inserted a stop in St.Kitts on the St.Maarten-Nevis daily flight that has had positive effect on load factors.
  • Forged closer ties and better communications with all stakeholders.
  • Timely and effective aircraft leasing and maintenance planning.
  • Met the requirements to renew the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).


6. TRAVEL TIP: Ship Your Luggage Ahead To St. Barths

This month's travel tip features shipping your luggage ahead to St. Barths, making it possible for you to travel light yet still have all your belongings in St. Barths when you arrive. You can use DHL, Fedex, Luggage Concierge, Luggage Free and even the parcel post service of the US Postal Service.

7. AGENDA: St. Barth Summer Camps 2013 Schedule

Summer @ St. Bart's offers something for everyone ages 3 to 13. Swim every day in their full-sized pool with certified lifeguards and swim instructors. Tennis, soccer, baseball, hockey, volleyball and track and field played throughout the summer in their 2600 sq. ft. gym or at the Roosevelt Island sports fields. Dance and movement, art and science, Island Sports and Adventure Camp also available. Come for one week or for all! Visit for more information and enrollment options.

8. ADVERTISEMENT: Save Now, Travel Later

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9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

Booking Procedure & Reservation Information

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If you have requested additional services such as VIP Transfer Services, we will send you a Final Confirmation containing all details of your travel itinerary and services booked. And that's how you book with AirStMaarten.

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