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In this February 2015 issue:

1. INTRO: What A New FBO Facility Means For SXM
4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Book Cheap Tickets Online At CheapoAir
5. NEWS ITEM: St. Maarten SXM Airport to Build New FBO Facility
6. TRAVEL TIP: How To Get Group Discounts With AirSXM To St. Barths
7. AGENDA: What To Expect From Us In 2015
8. ADVERTISEMENT: Book Our Speedboat Charters To St. Barths
9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

INTRO: What A New FBO Facility Means For SXM

Dear reader,

SXM Airport has plans for a new Fixed Base Operation (FBO) facility to be constructed. Financing has been arranged. The wait is now on the necessary building permits to be signed off on.

In the meantime, let's look at what a new FBO facility will mean for SXM Airport. But before we do, let's define what exactly a Fixed Based Operation is. According to Wikipedia: "A fixed-base operator (FBO) is a commercial business granted the right by an airport to operate on the airport and provide aeronautical services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, etc. In common practice, an FBO is a primary provider of support services to general aviation operators at a public-use airport [.] located on airport leasehold property."

At SXM Airport there are presently three (3) FBO facility services providers: Menzies Aviation, Arrindell Aviation Services (Signature) and TLC Aviation. The latter stands for The Logical Choice and not Tender Loving Care. But that is a joke for another topic.

It remains yet to be seen what Menzies will do, as their monopoly on the ground handling services ('below wing') at SXM Airport is set to expire in 2016, but so far only Arrindell by Signature and TLC has signed on to occupy the new to be built FBO facility when completed while there is space for three operators.

According to Wikipedia once again, the term 'fixed-base operator', which originated in the United States, is becoming more common in the international aviation industry as business and corporate aviation grows. So it is in St. Maarten. The business and corporate aviation has been steadily growing over the years. Not only in St. Maarten, but throughout the entire region, we have seen tremendous growth in the private jet charter business and SXM Airport and its Fixed Based Operators have benefitted from this as well.

The only problem for many private jets looking to land at the SXM Airport is adequate parking space. During the peak of the high season in December and January of each year, private, corporate and business jets are lined up side by side at the SXM Airport and jets even has to be turned away due to a lack of space. Hence the solution to create more parking space and build a new and larger FBO facility.

This means that SXM Airport will be able to accept more aircrafts during the peak high season and that is always good for business. At the end of the day, all the relevant stakeholders at the SXM Airport will be happy with this development. We look forward to the start of the construction for the new FBO facility.

Best regards,

Terrance Rey

PS: If you are a travel agent, a concierge services provider or a private jet operator and you need assistance for your clients transitting through St. Maarten SXM Airport, you can contact me by emailing


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3. ARTICLE: "If Airlines Ran Airports"

Terrance Rey avatar "IF AIRLINES RAN AIRPORTS"

By Terrance Rey

If airlines ran airports they would be able to offer passengers lower air fares. This may be controversial statement for some, but if you look at the figures, you will understand my point of view more better.

If we wanted to, we would be able to offer visitors a daytrip to St. Barths for only $10 US Dollars per person. However, the airport fees and taxes would force us to collect a total of $110 per person from each passenger. The taxes collected are supposedly supposed to go to government, but I have yet to actually any proof of this.

If we factor in the millions airports collect in rental fees for commercial space rented out and the concessions fees generated through the various commercial enterprises at the airports, sometimes as high as 16%, I am still confused as to why the fees levied on airlines for the various services rendered are so high. This ultimately leads to higher air fares which has to be paid by the passengers.

Many airlines are waging fierce battles with airport management companies in and around the Caribbean to keep the airport fees and taxes competitive. Airlines are the motors that drive passenger traffic through these airports, yet the airlines do not benefit nor profit from the millions in revenues generated by these airports.

It is time the airports rightfully start to consider the airlines as their partners in the passenger transportation business. The one can not exist without the other. Airports and airlines have to offer competitive fares to attract more tourist to a destination's shores. To be able to do that, both airports and airlines have to be in a partnership. Else the title to my next article could very well be: "If Airports Ran Airlines Away."


Terrance Rey is owner and managing director of Let's Travel, Travel Anywhere and AirStMaarten. Terrance Rey has 15 years experience in the travel business as a travel agent, tour operator, charter broker and as an internet travel entrepreneur. You can email Terrance Rey directly via with any questions you may have relating to your international travel needs.


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5. NEWS ITEM: St. Maarten SXM Airport to Build New FBO Facility


New FBO Facilty SXM Airport

SXM Airport initiated a bidding process in December 2014 by inviting five contractors to submit bids for the construction of the new FBO facility.
Of the five, one sent a letter of no participation, one did not respond, and three submitted bids.

Once a company has been chosen, SXM Airport will then seek approval from its board of directors, followed by the drafting of an agreement with the chosen company, after which the works can begin.

The intended airside location for the new FBO facility is the area where the Government Fire Department once stood (it has since been demolished to make way for the construction of the new FBO) as well as the area currently occupied by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Meteorological Services of St. Maarten, to the east of the terminal building.

The new FBO Terminal building will occupy an area of 1,000 square meters with a space of 5,000 square meters for General Aviation parking. It will feature three retail outlets as well as Customs, Immigration and Security services.

As already announced, SXM Airport has signed an MOU with Arrindell by Signature to operate in the new facility. The non-exclusive agreement calls for Signature to offer passenger, ground handling and into plane fuel services for General Aviation (GA) from the new FBO Terminal. At least one other operator is expected in the new facility. The FBO operator(s) at the new facility are expected to build their own lounges with additional services and amenities. The estimated construction period for the new facility is between 14-16 months.

The new FBO facility is part of the Capital Improvement Program of SXM Airport and has become very necessary due to increased growth in the General Aviation sector. Although SXM Airport is ranked number two in the region in terms of General Aviation, competition from other airports means that SXM Airport needs to expand and upgrade its current facilities in order to maintain its market share. To date, SXM Airport has been exceeding the number of bookings and private jets over previous years especially during the Christmas/New Year holiday period.

Private Jets Lined Up For Take Off From SXM Airport

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6. TRAVEL TIP: How To Get Group Discounts With AirSXM To St. Barths

Group Travel with AirStMaarten

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7. AGENDA: What To Expect From Us In 2015

  • The best wishes for the New Year.
  • Updated website with booking options for Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals and Vacation Packages.
  • Updated website with Live Chat integration.
  • More tweets, postings and sharings on Social Media.
  • More routes, more services and more aircrafts added to our Fleet of available aircrafts through our charter operators.
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9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

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