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In this February 2014 issue:

1. INTRO: Update On New AirSXM Portal
2. PROMO: StMaartenFlowers: FLORIST WANTED
3. ARTICLE: Still Dreaming The Im....... Possible!!!
4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Book Cheap Tickets Online At CheapoAir
5. NEWS ITEM: Airport Taxis Against New Voyager Service
6. TRAVEL TIP: Travel As Much As Possible
7. AGENDA: Coming Soon! Booking Tool For VIP Services
8. ADVERTISEMENT: Book Our Speedboat Charters To St. Barths
9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

INTRO: Update On New AirSXM Portal

Dear friends and clients,

Thank you for reading this month's issue of our AirStMaarten Newsletter.

I am excited to tell you about the features of the new website front-end (portal). The past months we have been working on the AirStMaarten airline reservation system, a project that is an essential part of the evolution of the website which would entail turning it into a portal, giving clients, travel agents and other service providers in the travel, hospitality and aviation service industry the ability to reserve or book flights and charters with and through AirStMaarten.

AirStMaarten Online Booking Engine
We have designed the new AirSXM website and portal to be very simple to understand, yet very powerful and robust in its use. From the new AirSXM website you will still be able to request reservations using the old AirSXM reservation request system, but more importantly, you will be able to choose to book our flights and charters directly online via the new AirStMaarten Online Booking Engine. That is a major improvement in our service delivery to our existing clients and new customers alike. The next phase to load the new airline reservation system with bookable flights.

Internally, we will be able to make reservations from our back-office and also from our future call-center. The new system also offers our handling agents the ability to make reservations from their airport counter desk. Finally, travel agents, hotel concierge desk clerks, VIP Services agents and even corporate account clients will also be able to access our reservation system via their own agent logins. Interesting to note, the new AirStMaarten online booking engine also supports multiple languages. This is the case for both the agents login and the online booking engine.

AirStMaarten Flight Schedule Tool
A new improved feature of the new website is the Flight Schedule Tool at For instance, you can easily find all scheduled flights from St. Maarten (SXM) to St. Barths (SBH) in three (3) easy steps. The new AirStMaarten Flight Schedule Tool has been developed as a free service for our website visitors and displays flight times, carriers and flight days and offers visitors the option to book a preferred flight or request a reservation through AirStMaarten.

VIP Services Webpage & Bookingform
The new AirStMaarten VIP Services webpage contains information about our Regular and Premium VIP Services with a bookingform that not only makes it easier for clients - the end-users - to book our VIP Services, but also allow external agents, concierge agents and other service providers to book our VIP Services for their customers as well.

The next phase of the development of the AirStMaarten VIP Services webpage is to create a login for both clients and agents alike. That module will be launched soon. As you can see, the website is being developed and expanded with new features in a modular fashion, making it easy for our customers and agents to get accustomed to the new services.

That's all for now. More info coming soon in a future issue. In the meantime, this month's issue highlights the alternative transportation options available to clients to get from St. Maarten to St. Barths by sea, namely by ferry or by boat charter and the impact this has on other stakeholders in this sector of our business.

Happy Readings!

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3. ARTICLE: Dare To Dream The Im....... Possible!!!

4. SPONSOR MESSAGE: Book Cheap Tickets Online At CheapoAir

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5. NEWS ITEM: Airport Taxis Against New Voyager Service

PHILIPSBURG--St. Maarten Airport Taxi Association is calling on government to intervene in what it calls the latest incident that will further cut into its members' ability to make a decent living, or face the real possibility of industrial action.

The association voiced on Wednesday its displeasure with the fact that the Voyager ferry has obtained a licence to transport passengers from Gateway Marina, located just across from Princess Juliana International Airport SXM, to St. Barths.

Voyager Dreamliner twin-hull hydrofoil

Voyager previously transported passengers from Oyster Pond to St. Barths. These passengers were transported to Oyster Pond by taxi, a valuable source of income for the taxi drivers. Voyager's management now has targeted Saturday, February 1, to commence its runs from the airport to St. Barths. The ferry conducted a successful dry run through the Simpson Bay bridge and Simpson Bay causeway on Wednesday.

Jean Samuel - President St. Maarten Airport Taxi AssociationAssociation President Jean Samuel said they had met with Voyager service Director Jean Claude Latournerie, who had informed them that the decision to change operations was strictly a business one.

According to Samuel, Latournerie explained that with the taxis transporting passengers, the ferries are not full and traffic congestion slows down service, and his concern was to provide a better service to his clients. As such, the company applied for and received a licence to operate.

Latournerie could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

Samuel said it was not just the taxi drivers who would be affected, but also national airline Winair that undoubtedly would lose some of the passengers it transports to St. Barths daily.

Samuel said plainly that by issuing this licence, government was trying to sow chaos among the taxi drivers. He said the airport had approximately 185 taxi drivers operating. Dutch St. Maarten has approximately 500 taxi drivers in total, not counting the 200 from the French side.

"They keep issuing licences and using them as political tools, but we are suffering out here. The drivers must be able to make a decent living to feed their families. How can we do that if you keep giving licences that cut into the already-small means that we make? To give this new licence for the Voyager to operate in this manner is totally inappropriate," Samuel said.

He called on all drivers to be prepared to take action if the situation persisted. The association will hand-deliver its grievances in writing to Minister of Transportation Ted Richardson on Thursday and impress on him its resolve to have the situation that is affecting the drivers negatively reversed.

Samuel said the association also had had a meeting with airport Director Regina Labega on Tuesday. According to Samuel, Labega had indicated that she was not aware of the new service.

Another issue, Samuel said, is who will clear these passengers at Gateway Marina, as there is no Immigration presence there and visitors must be cleared in accordance to the law.

Published January 30th, 2014, on

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6. TRAVEL TIP: Travel As Much As You Can

AirSXM Travel Tip: Travel As Much As You Can

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7. AGENDA: Coming Soon! Booking Tool For VIP Services

We are presently developing a VIP Services Booking Tool for our end-user clients and travel agents, concierge desks and other service providers in the travel and aviation industry. This will be launched online at

8. ADVERTISEMENT: Book Our Speedboat Charters To St. Barths

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9. CUSTOMER SERVICE: How To Book With AirStMaarten

Booking Procedure & Reservation Information

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If you have requested additional services such as VIP Transfer Services, we will send you a Final Confirmation containing all details of your travel itinerary and services booked. And that's how you book with AirStMaarten.

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