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AirStMaarten's newest Ticketing Office located on the Bush Road #24 (next to The Daily Herald building) on the main road to Philipsburg.

The Ticket Shack offers the best and cheapest tickets in town, outside of town.

We also have lots of parking space.

Just stop by and book any airline ticket for your next trip.

Whether you are traveling on business, pleasure or a vacation, you can make all your travel plans at The Ticket Shack with the ease and comfort of knowing you don't have to worry about your car being towed away.

If you have to wait on your turn while our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are helping another client, you can use our self-service computer to check flights, fares and availabilities online. If you are in a hurry, just fill in our online reservation request form, print it out and our reservation agents will take care of the booking for you. You can then pass by later to pay and pick up your ticket.

Our aim at The Ticket Shack is to make booking your airline ticket as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Visit us today. Don't bother go all the way to town anymore. We have lots of parking space.

The Ticket Shack.... for the cheapest tickets in town, outside of town.

Check fares and availabilities online in our bookingengines here:

US Dollars: www.airstmaarten.com
Euro's: www.airstmaarten.net

If you can't find a fare in our online bookingengines, submit a reservation request online here and we will email you an offer:

Email or call us today.

The Ticket Shack
Tel. (00 or 011) 599-543-1023
Fax (00 or 011) 599-543-1260 

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The Ticket Shack

The Ticket Shack - exterior

The Ticket Shack ticket office

The Ticket Shack - interior

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